Angela Lynn Rapley – The Benefits of Swimming

While all forms of exercise can benefit your health, some forms of exercise are easier on the body than others. Angela Lynn Rapley from St. Louis Missouri is a registered nurse at the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital enjoys running and biking as part of her exercise regimen. However, the one that she prefers to all the rest is swimming.

Angela Lynn Rapley

There are a few things about swimming that benefit the body more than other forms of exercise. One of those reasons is fairly obvious, and that is less stress on the joints. The buoyancy you experience in the water makes jarring and knocking the joints almost impossible. People who are recovering from injuries, or have arthritis, or any other disease that affects the joints may find that the pool greatly alleviates their pain and provides a comfortable place for physical therapy or gentle exercise.

Another benefit of swimming versus other forms of exercise is that the water is not only gentle on the joints, but it’s also provides greater resistance. In the water, you experience around 12%-14% more resistance, actually making the exercise you do in the water more effective than exercise out of the water.

When you go for a run, the risk of overheating is a legitimate concern. When you are swimming, the water cools your entire body, greatly lowering your risk of overheating. Angel Lynn Rapley steps up her swimming in the summer as a way to avoid overheating during an extended run. Swimming is a great, gentle way to get the exercise you need.