Angela Lynn Rapley – E-Readers versus Paper Books

Book lovers all over the world have one thing they can all disagree on. Which is better, a paper book, or an e-reader? Angela Lynn Rapley, a registered nurse and mother of one from St. Louis Missouri, has an affinity for paper books. Some believe the sheer number of books you can read on an e-reader outweigh the scent of paper and binding that many book lovers adore.

Angela Lynn RapleyThere are certainly pros and cons to each method of reading. E-readers have convenience going for them, since they are light-weight and don’t get heavier just because you have a hundred books on them. Finding and purchasing new books is also very easy to do, provided you have a Wi-Fi connection you can get any book you want. Many classic books are available for free on e-readers.

E-readers can also be read one handed due to their lightness and one simple touch can turn the page. E-readers also often have note-taking and highlighting capabilities.

However, something about a paper book feels nicer to some. The tactile experience of the pages and writing hand written notes in the margins are all things that carry some significant nostalgia and emotional meaning to the readers. Though some might consider the weight of a real book to be a disadvantage, others like the substantial feel of a book as opposed to a tiny e-reader.

Angela Lynn Rapley prefers to read a real paper book when she’s at home, but when she has to travel, she prefers the e-reader for its convenience in size and for the ease of obtaining new material once she’s finished a book.