Angela Lynn Rapley – Iron Man Preparation Tips

Training for an Ironman Triathlon can take up to a year of hard work and preparation. When the big day is finally approaching, there are a few things you can do to make your big day go smoothly. Angela Lynn Rapley is an avid swimmer, biker and runner, and is hoping to complete an Ironman triathlon very soon.

Angela Lynn RapleyFirst things first, don’t do anything new. No new gear, no new routines, nothing. If you want to get new shoes, a new seat for your bike or new shorts, don’t wait until the day before the race. Give yourself at least a few weeks before the big race to get acclimated to your new gear so that you can make sure it works for you, and get used to it. The last thing you need during the Ironman is for your new shores to give you painful blisters.

Back off your training intensity a little. Don’t give yourself the week off and sleep all day, but relax your intensity and give yourself some wiggle room. The last thing you want is to peak during a practice run and then fall behind during the actual race.

Get your bike tuned up a few weeks before the race. If anything is going to be off-kilter after a tune up, you want to know before the race, not during it. This way, if anything’s going to crop up, then the problem can be fixed before race day, rather than on race day after your time has been affected. Angela Lynn Rapley is going to be very cautious with her bike before her Ironman race day.