Beach Picnic Tips that You Just Can’t Ignore

Going on a picnic is a great idea, and going to the beach for a picnic is a better idea. What better way is there that to spend the day at the beach with your family? Here are a couple of beach picnic tips that you just can’t ignore.

Angela Lynn RapleyShade

The sun is good, but staying exposed to the sun the whole day will leave you sunburned. The first thing you want to do when going on a beach picnic is to make sure you have sufficient shade. A portable gazebo or a large beach umbrella will offer you good shade and protection from the sun. You might also want to apply some sunscreen lotion on your body. Get a bottle of sunscreen lotion with the highest sun protection factor (SPF).


A picnic on the beach calls for lots of food. Since you are going to be out on the beach the whole day, enjoying the sun, sand and surf, you are going to be quite hungry. A good idea would be to pack some delicious food, fruit, water, snacks and cold beverages. Beer, wine, and fruit juice are perfect for any beach picnic, but make sure you have sufficient drinking water for everyone in your group.

Picnic Cloth

You might have all your food in Tupperware, but you still need something to place the food on, and placing the Tupperware on the sand is not a good idea. You will need to get a picnic cloth, or a tablecloth for that matter will be sufficient. If you are using a tablecloth, you will need to weigh down the corners.

Ashley Lynn Rapley enjoys going on beach picnics with her husband and daughter.