The Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity. If you enjoy being outdoors amidst the beauty of nature, then hiking might be the right activity for you. You do not necessarily have to head into the woods or the mountains to hike.

Most local parks have dedicated hiking areas where you can build up your stamina and whet your appetite for larger hiking trips in the future. Hiking is a great way to get in shape and prepare yourself to start running. Here are a couple of tips you can use if you are starting out with hiking.

Angela Lynn Rapley

Decide How Long You Want to Hike

Since you are starting out with hiking, you do not have to take up too much. Start with trails that are not too long and that can be completed in a couple of hours’ time. You can choose a trail that does not require you to carry extra clothing and camping gear. If you have a just a couple of hours spare during the weekend, you might want to pick a trail that is four or five miles long. It will take you just a couple of hours to complete the trail. Work with small trails and build up your stamina before you take on other longer trails.

Going Alone or in a Group

You can choose to hike alone or in a group. While hiking alone might be a good idea, it is not recommended. Hiking alone leaves you vulnerable on the trail, and it is not safe to hike alone. On the other hand, hiking with a group or a friend is better. You have company, and you can use this time to learn valuable hiking tips from the group you are hiking with.

Angela Lynn Rapley is a registered nurse who enjoys hiking during the weekends.